Wednesday, 18 November 2009

foldings and fluff

Okay, couldn't think of anything to go with folding!! Really good day again - how cheery chappy am I eh! I'm being abit daft actually, got another early show tomorrow so I should be getting my beauty sleep - but needed to do abita bloggin!

I have never seen so many different folds and ways of creating wonderful cards - I'm learning so much more! It's great. Loved the Stamp Addicts show, did you see it? Did you see the magic embossing powder? That stuff is brilliant, I used to use it years ago - and adored it. Need to get that back in stock again. Really felt inspired to get ultra thick embossing again - it's one of my fav things, and Sarah reminded me how fun it is. Can feel a play time coming on. I've got one more day, then 5 days off!! Wow. Then it's well busy though, and the shows are "proper" - so no dresses, no name muddles and lots of ironing (knew there was a down side to this!! Ironing. Had to clean it up after ironing all our spritzed cards at the weekend).

Not going to waffle to much, but I'll be back! With Michelle tomorrow, then the glitter girls!!! Hooray.


Tracy said...

saw the shows Leonie and you are getting more and more confident. Really like how they ask your opinion about things and refer to you re experience, ideas and explainations. Can't wait to see you paired up with Nigel :O) Keep doing what you are doing as you are coming across just as you, down to earth and fun.

Rainbow Lady said...

Great shows again Leonie. Now remember when you come on my forum the I... word is banned as we do not do it lol
We will soon get you into our way of thinking.....I too can't wait to see you with Nigel though you don't need anyone wlse with you now. Love Cynthia x

Joanne said...

The shows are really fun Leonie. You have brought total enjoyment back into tele crafting. I hope they let you do more crafting yourself rather than stand next to guests. I can see your hands getting 'itchy' to have a go. The best thing though, you look a lot happier. Good move. Luv xxx

Sara said...

You're doing a grand job Leonie. I haven't watched C&C in quite a long while and it was great to see you on there. Your natural style and deep love of crafting are a very watchable combination. Congratulations.

Sara xx

All Pink girl said...

Top class shows again Leonie xxx
you were fab ,so funny when you were with micheal you looked liked you were having so much fun xxx
huge hugs Dawnxxx

Anonymous said...

I have watched you on C&C and you are amazing - so dont worry you are doing very well and its nice to see you presenting rathen than being Dawns side kick.
Good for you - you go girl

Simone said...

I love watching you on Create and Craft Leonie. You exude enthusiasm for all the various crafts and are entertaining to watch too! I can't wait for your next show! x

Julie said...

Looks like you've settled in nicely Leonie. You're doing a great job and you're so natural. xxx

magic boxes said...


It's fantastic to see you're now on C&C.

Would love to see you crafting - you're so talented and it would be a waste not to have you doing demos!!!


Elaine x

Leonie said...

Thank you so much ladies - I'm having such a good time. Do you know, my favourite bit, is seeing so many other guests. Everyone brings something new and different - I'm getting new idea's every day. I wanted to learn more - and this is just the job!

Watched abit of myself last night - it's horrible!! Need to do it though don't I, see what I'm babbling about.

Good news - we had a chat at C&C yesterday about me doing more demo's, so you never know!!!xxx

Christine said...

I loved watching you with The Stamp Addicts girls, Leonie.
The show was brilliant and you are such a natural, your enthusiasm is catching. It was nice to see that even the 'presenters' can pick up tips. All the demos were brilliant. Well done.
Christine xx

Anne E said...

Hi Leonie, it was a lovely surprise find you on create and craft tonight. Looking forward to getting a dose of your humour on a more regular basis.
Have fun, Anne E

Lynnda said...

just got round to watching the stamp addicts show I recorded.
It was great, I think you really helped to bring out the best of Sarah and Vicky too, who I also think are brilliant. Looking ofrward to working with you some time