Tuesday, 10 November 2009

First Day!!

Wow, it's years since I had a first day - or first day nerves. Suppose the NEC was my first first day. It was great. Had a slow puncture going to Birmingham (duh), but got there eventually and met some great people. It did make me giggle how many times I heard "what are you doing on this stand" etc. There were alot of surprised faces, but everyone was so happy for me, and positive, it was lovely. The C&C gang were very busy - but very friendly. I didn't get to have much of a nosey round the show (boo), so saved lots of money. I did notice there was a proper food bit, and someone said there was even a stall selling brandy (yes, I went back to the C&C stand, didn't disappear).

My second first day was today, in studio. I got lost trying to find my B&B last night, then again this morning! I'm a liability. Going to get a sat nav, I've resisted for so long, but just getting sick of circles. Anyhow, met loads of people today, lots of teams, and presenters. Jo and I did a piece to camera to introduce me to all the lovely C&C viewers (I was abit nervous!!), then I just watched TV - how cool is that for getting used to a job. Steph was really nice, went through all the doings, and I'm going to be doing a walk on tomorrow at some stage - wow. They are being great, and breaking me in gently. Really excited and wanted to have a go - especially the show with the templates on the CD - the wedding one. Did you see, the samples were amazing.

Anyhow, I'm now back in my room, chilling out. Looking forward to tomorrow!!


Anonymous said...

Well done that women, so pleased for you, will watch all morning tomorrow to see if you appear, good on ya.
Lynne xxx

lesleyanne said...

see i told you it would be ok
good luck with your walk on
will watch as much as i can
lesley xx

ENJAY said...

Welldone Leonie!! Will be watching tomorrow!! If your there on the 29th watchout for my samples in two of the shows!!.
Love Nicola.xx

Debsg said...

Thought you were on tonight! I've been watching the show :( Have set Sky+ for tomorrow so hope to catch you then. Good luck. x

sarah said...

good to hear that your first day in studio went well.
just wanted to say thank you for chatting to me on sunday leonie, i was the lady with her hubby who suffers panic attacks and achieved her long term goal getting to the nec.
it was great to meet you and you were really kind chatting for so long
thanks again and good luck tomorrow

Su said...

Good Luck Leonie - just don't get the giggles with Steph or we'll never get any demos!! lol


Your Touch of Craft said...

Hey you.... see i told you it would be fine... Hope the cake got you through the day. You will have to pop up to the shop and play with all the stuff you haven't had a go with yet!!!
Good luck tomorrow... you will knock them dead!

Manda xx

Denise said...

go Leonie, will set my Sky plus for tomorrow, have been looking out for you - good luck xx

CraftyLin said...

Well done Leonie - great to have a new challenge. Lovely to meet you at the NEC - look out for some of my samples on upcoming shows.
'Break a leg' for your first live appearance.

Joanne said...

Aw! I kept watching but I missed you. Will try again today. You will be fine because all your crafty pals are 'gunning' for you and can't wait for your programmes. Luv xxx

Greebo T. Cat said...

Glad you are having such a good time, look forward to seeing you on C&C. Keep having fun.

hugs Janie xxx

Taniaj said...

Can't wait to see you on C & C, glad things went ok. Hugs Tx
put the kettle on and have a brew and chill

jordiegirl said...

I record C&C every day from 8 til 1 so I can watch at my leisure, look forward to seeing you do your walk on.

I saw the CD with the wedding stuff on, the samples were lovely, I'd buy that sort of CD if I got an order for wedding invitations, it looked ideal - no pun intended - lol.

anne(sme) said...

Hi Leonie.
Sorry to hear you where no longer with Dawn.I did meet you at the QE confrence hall with QVC.Thought i would not see you again.
I have just turned on C&C and there you are with the Cricut & Gypsy.
I want one too.(Still working on the other 1/2 should have sorted by the last showing)will have nagged him to death.
Good luck on C&C not that you will need it you have a great talent.

All Pink girl said...

Way to go Leonie xxxx
we will all be watching tomorrow so dont worry xxx
think your hubbie should get you a sat nav for christmas xxxx becarefull xxx
hugs Dawnxxx

chrissie's crafts said...

Well done you, I'm so glad you've enjoyed it, and those little nerves will soon disappear.
Chrissie xx

Louise said...

Argh got such a shock when I flicked onto Ideal World and saw you - I must admit I don't buy much from Ideal World there postage is way to high on a lot of items but if your going to be a regular I will certainly tune in more I loved your happy go lucky presenting style - you will be a huge loss to QVC and Dawn I hope she realises that - good luck xx

janice said...

Hello Leonie,

welcome to Ideal World!

Maybe if you need a Sat Nav you could get the Tom Tom Xl Classic. I will be presenting it on air very soon! lol

Hope to meet you soon

Janice Technical Guest Presenter x

KraftyKoolKat said...

Well done. Yes get a sat nav you will not regret it. See you Saturday in Harlow for your workshop if you don't get ost that is. Lol!!! Cathy xxxx