Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Fabulous Fab

I'm just popping on a quick post today as I'm quite sleepy, so going to jump in the bath and have a relaxing soak before an early night. Before any of that though, I have to say our Fab has done it again! He's a star - a MEGA thank you to Fab for his wonderful review of my book - I'm so chuft! THANK YOU. If you want to read Fab's article then please follow this link:

And if you haven't had a copy of my book then tune into C&C tomorrow morning. This is abit spooky, but I was looking at the books they are showing tomorrow and was saying "oh, I hope they get mine in", and by gum, there it was!! Think I'll have to pop on and say hello won't I! Be rude not to.

Anyway, thank you again Fab, you are so kind and lovely.



Momiji said...

Totally agree what a lovely inspiring book it is. I bought mine when it was first published and it really is a favourite!
thanks Leonie!

Dee( momiji)

jordiegirl said...

Recorded all of Create & Craft from 8 - 1 again today, watched tonight whilst crafting.

Leonie, you are doing a great job presenting - you'd think you'd been there for years.

I could tell you were itching to do some crafting, they should let you do more.

Regarding your book, I caught a bit of a C&C show, think it was at the weekend and they were showing some books and one was yours.

You definitely should pop in and say hello when they do your book.

Don't know if you would know the answer to my question, but I saw Steph and Diane using Melt Dust and wondered if you have to use a certain paper in your printer to make it work on printed text/designs or can you use any paper?

Looking forward to the rest of your programmes this week.

Hazel (Didos) said...

Here here, Fab is a Great Guy. I am loving seeing you on C and C. I have been off the internet for a while as life is just getting in the way. How Dare it!!!! So sorry for not popping by sooner to say wel done on the new job. Hazelxox

Joanne said...

I just love your book as you know 'cos I've bought 3!!!! One went to the lovely friend I've made through your ATC club but only after you signed it for her, and the other 2 are mine. One I use and the other is kept for 'best'. When is the next coming out??? xxxx

Leonie said...

Hiya gang,

Thank you again for your comments - you lovely lot you! I had a training day yesterday with the wonderful Ellis, she is great. I had so much going round in my head this morning I had trouble getting out my words, but I picked up for the 10am show and got in the swing of it.

Next book - mmmmmmm, got loads of idea's again. I'll have to have a see!!

The Melt Dust does have to be used on the special paper - the paper allows the ink to remain wet just a little longer than normal which means the melt dust can cling. Great idea isn't it!


Anonymous said...

I love the book, I bought it last year and I'm always flicking through it for inspiration and different techniques, it's the best book I have!!

Please could you help me though, I love it idea of using the pattern builder product I have searched for it but I have no idea where I can get it.

Mandie xx

Anonymous said...

your book ws there and i have ordered it - well done you are doing so well and not the least bit nervous looking.
just keep up the good work Leonie and looking forward to seeing you again on C&C.

Leonie said...

Hi Mandie,

You asked about pattern builder - I got mine from Crafty Notions, as part of a set. You should also be able to get it at an artist supplies - as it is used by artists mainly.

Hope this helps - it's great stuff!

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for getting back to me Leonie, I will have to have a look there and see if they have any, or of course anything else I feel that I MUST have lol.

Mandie xx