Thursday, 12 November 2009

Did it!!!

Well, first show done and dusted. I'm really glad I was on with Sara, she's so professional and organised, so I had nothing to worry about - well I didn't but I worried a little bit!!! Well, you would wouldn't you, be crazy not to! It was so different from QVC, of course my roll is different, but also the way it's done is very different. It was great though, and I'm really looking forward to my next one. I'm even going to watch today's show to see what I need to be doing different - oh no, saying that Nicky's gone and put it on now - urgh! Noooo, hate watching myself, phew he's turned it off for now. I will watch it, but maybe after 3 (big) glasses of vino.

Anyhow, great day. Met lots more people, didn't get lost (whoopee). It's so funny, I sort of stand in a corridor trying to work out where I am! haha, need a sat nav just to get me round work.

Hey, I've now got a dressing room, wooo. Well, me and Steph are sharing, it's the biggest room (and makes sense keeping us crafty sorts out of everyone's hair with our sticky stuff). Even get a posh car parking space. Fabulous. Anyhow, it's lovely to be home, Nicky had tidied up, then I appeared with more crafty stuff (oh yes, already bringing boxes home). Poor Nicky!

Off to chill out, ttfn xxxx


Anonymous said...

Hi Leonie,

Well done you! I watched you today on C&C and I thought you did a great job. Very professional but came over very friendly too. I think this is a great move for you, I hope you enjoy every minute.

Shirley Davis said...

Must have seemed very strange to be on for an hour without any sticky dots all over your fingers! You were yourself and that is what the crafty viewers love about you, Leonie.

I confess I only caught 10 minutes this evening as I've been visiting my dad again, possibly or the last time. I feel very sad tonight. Tomorrow I shall craft - so therapeutic. Hope it works!

craftyhils said...

Hey Leo,
I'm in Florida, with my trusty laptop, but forgot that I couldn't view the show video here. Felt really cheated!
Am relying on everyone else's comments.
Enjoy your 'me' time
Hils x

Anonymous said...

well done Leonie, you will be a great assett to C&C..
Glad you got to hear my email..(I'm the one that had the cat lol)
Look forward to more of your shows.

Kathleen said...

Saw you on C&C today (well, yesterday now) and it came as a big surprise!
I'm just hoping that this career move will allow you to make some great cards to inspire all of us mere mortals!
You did a great job - very natural!
Kathleen xx

Aurora said...

You were great Leonie and you seemed right at home! Bringing home goodies already? Lucky girl! I look forward to seeing you work with Sheena Douglass and the Glitter Girls and your first POTD and your first Craft Event!
Well done

Tracy said...

Way to go Leonie, You did a fab Job. I was really happy to see you were just your normal bubbly self and no sign of nerves, well if you had them they did not show. You came across so natural. Glad you got my email on air, I just wanted you to know you had some support out there but I need not have worried as you got so many lovely emails.
Tracy xxx

sarah said...

well done leonie - great show!

Anonymous said...

sneeked a peek at you yesturday will enjoy a coffee and re rerun today well done you and looking forward to lots more. I had a phone call from QVC yesturday while at brownies so I hope its not to see if I was watching "the other side" !!!!! sandy

~ Ali ~ said...

ings i missed it :( must try and catch a repeat sorry honey. You would have been fab i know as that's just yo. Have a super weekend.

Anonymous said...

hi leonie
thought the show was fab
and you looked realy happy
hugs les ley xx

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You were really great on C&C. Will you have shows where you can demo? It would be wonderful to see some of your demos and be inspired by you! You seem to have a different tack to some others on C&C so it would be wonderful to have all that variety! I would love to know more about how to design cards from the start - any tips? :-)
Thank you and good luck for next time!
Love and hugs

Anonymous said...

Hi Leonie,
I missed your show but heard your name mentioned on C&C, I just knew that this Leonie was the same person from QVC. Its so nice to have you on C&C and wish you all the best. I look forward to watching you as you are fab.

Please put on your blog dates and times that you will be on so I can make sure to tape or watch you.

All the best
Debbie Trevenen

Helen's cards blog said...

Hi Leonie,

Managed to catch your debut, once again admired your enthusiasm,bubbly humour and professionalism.Even hubby watches when you are on, so keep up the good work so I can get more crafty stash while he's happy.


Marion said...

Well done Leonie. No-one would have guessed it was your first show for Create and Craft.

Your smile lit up the screen - as usual - and you really brightened a dull and dismal winter morning.



All Pink girl said...

YAY xxx
you were fab xxx you did a great job it can not be easy rembering all the item numbers and wich camera to look at xxxx
you were top class as always xxx
and your self thats what we all love about you xxx
hugs Dawnxxx

Pamela said...

Hi Leonie,

I have been glued to the tv so as I did not miss you. You was GREAT, as it has been mentioned your smile makes us feel wonderful. I think that c&c are lucky that you are on the team.
It is great for us as we will seeing you a lot more.
Pamela xxx

jordiegirl said...

Watched some of your show yesterday morning, then watched it all from the begin last night.

You did a great job, look forward to seeing you be given a chance to do some demonstrating too, not just the presenting/talking bit.

Don't worry about getting item numbers wrong, all the presenters make mistakes from time to time and you are a newbie in any case and there must be so much to learn.

You didn't look at all nervous but I'm sure you had butterflies in your tummy.

I'd definitely recommend a satnav for getting to work and back and to your hotel. They are brilliant even if some people find them a nuisance. I have a cousin who lives in the middle of nowhere in Co Durham and we always used to get lost getting there just from Northumberland and we go every year. Since I've had a satnav it gets me right to the door!!! The house only has a name not a number and the road doesn't have a name either so how clever is that? However their postcode is unique so key in the postcode and hey presto you get there no problem at all.

Look forward to seeing more of you on C&C and Ideal World.

zafira said...

watched the ultimate show and you did brilliant girl it was so natural just carry on being you and you will be fine well done Janet from Colne

Lynne said...

Congratulations on the show, you came across very well. I hope you will get a chance to actually make stuff on air sometimes.

Sheila - Ginger said...

Congratulations Leonie you were great and sp professional too. Keep up the great work .

Love Sheila xx

Anonymous said...

Way t go Leonie...Have a fab weekend sweet one:)xxxxxxxxxxx

Julie said...

Hi Leonie

Well done, you did a great job. Do hope you get a chance to craft too but your presenting skills are so natural you have nothing to worry about. xxx

Anonymous said...

Well done Leonie,
your first show was fab even my husband commented how good you were,
good luck for the next one.
Lynne xxx

ENJAY said...

Shwoing my samples on your first show! What a great start lol!
You were brilliant, Sara talks for England(in a nice way!) so you did well to get in with a word.
Looking forward to seeing lots

Suzanne said...

Congratulations on you new career venture.

I was just channel hopping and thought, I know that voice..... expecting to see you on QVC but no it was C&C.

You are an asset to C&C ..... will definately channel hop more often if I know you're on.

Hope you enjoy every minute.