Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Craft Club update

Okay room booked. The details for the first "club" evening are:

7th December

Doors open 7pm - 10pm

Jubilee Hall
Cow Lane

Planning on the charge being £3 per person

Christmas Party Theme!!!

I'm really excited. For the first night I would like people (if possible) to bring a little sample of their work. Don't feel pressured to do so though, you are welcome empty handed! I thought it would be great if people to be able to have a see what each others up to and into. It will be a great ice breaker, will give us all something to chat about and get inspired.

It would also be great for people to bring something they like, want advice on, new crafty toy they haven't even opened yet etc for us to have a look at or a play with.

We will have an idea's box - it's going to be everyones club, so imput is necessary.

I'll be selling crafty stuff, and will give 10% to the club kitty. The kitty will hopefully build up so we can pay to have guests to come and give talks and demonstrations.

I will try and sort something out by way of storage, so if people want to bring stuff to swap or sell for themselves (with a small donation for the club) then we won't have to lug everything around every week.

I'm also planning to have a stamp library - so we can borrow stamps for a week, again for a small charge which will also go into the kitty.

I think it sounds exciting. I have in mind a treasurer and also a stamp librarian - as there will have to be backup for when I can't make it (and it's nice to have a team).

Again, please spread the word. Jubilee Hall is great, as it has a big room, and smaller rooms as well, so we can spread out. We already have home-made mince pies on the menu - so if you don't come for them your DAFT!! (or to far away of course, in which case, sorry!!).

Righto, I'm going to have my hot chocolate and relax (or spend ages on the computer). I found my hotel after only being lost once for just a few mins. Now that's a result. Looking forward to tomorrow, it feels like it's my first day all over again! Gulp.

nite nite


AliMayes said...

Too far away for me unfortunately :o( but I hope all who go have a great time - I'm sure you will!

jordiegirl said...

Ooh, Leonie, your club sounds fab, wish I lived nearer so I could join. Don't know of anything like that around here unfortunately.

Good luck with it, sure it will go down a storm.

Will be watching you again tomorrow.

Clare said...

Good luck with the club Leonie - sounds like it will be great fun!
Too far for me too :o(

Anonymous said...

parchI know that hall Hope to be brave enough to join you


Joanne said...

I hope your club 'takes off'. It sounds as though it will be exciting. 300 miles is a bit far for me though! xx

sharon said...

I'm jealous! It's too far for me to come for one night! Sounds really exciting! xx

KraftyKoolKat said...

Would love to come but miles too far away I am afraid. Have fun. Cathy xxxx

anna said...

I am hoping to join you, is there parking at the hall?

Cant wait, shall i bring my hot foil pen for people to play with, its such fun!

Momiji said...

too far for me too! I would love it!

anna said...

oh blow, not sure i am going to make it now, am supposed to be going out for a meal with my tap dancing class, oh heck what to do. will let you know!

Sandra said...
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Sandra said...

Soooooooo wish I lived closer. Would love to join your club Leonie.

As for Anna (previous poster) skip the dinner out with your Tap friends and go to Leonie's club. Better still get the tap dancers to change the night of their meal... that's my advice :o)
Sandra x
(excuse deleted comment... typo that was a bit too rude to leave ;oP )