Sunday, 15 November 2009

Corrie and Sundays

Ahh, I love days like today. Corrie omnibus on telly, blue skies, happy doggies. Okay, loads of jobs on the list, but nothing horrible.

We had a great workshop yesterday. Really enjoyed it. I've popped on a few photo's. Thank you to everyone who came. Carley did a lovely lunch for us, so we were fed and watered as well. We were chatting about a longer workshop - a weekend do, everyone's doing it arn't they (didn't realise how many people did crafty weekend retreat things, there's loads I want to go on - especially the Paper Artsy one!). Anyway, thought this would be a great idea, we were coming up with some fun, new idea's - and maybe we could use our contacts to get a brilliant venue as well! It's all an idea at the mo, but got really excited by it.

Anyhow, I've popped the dates of next weeks show on the left, I will keep it updated, and I will also put dates on for the next workshops when we've sorted some dates. Happy Sunday.


Shirley Davis said...

I'm interested to know when you decide on a weekend craft retreat, Leonie - would enjoy meeting you and all the gang! Would need DH in tow cos of wheelchair - hope that could be sorted somehow!

Linda said...

OOh yes, I'm up for that, looking forward to seeing your shows on C&C. Happy Sunday x

JackieCou said...

Thanks for the show dates - I'll try to catch the early one before I leave for work on Tues! So glad to hear you're enjoying it. Stephanie always looks full of fun. Was watching channel 36 this morning while cooking for 6!


Joanne said...

would be interested in a weekend retreat Leonie. I'll watch this space. xx

jordiegirl said...

Hi Leonie

Love reading your blog. Don't live close enough to come to any of your craft events I'm afraid.

Anyway, if you pop over to my blog I have given you an award which I had to pass on to 10 people and I thought of you - so if you'd like to put it on your blog feel free. find me at: my blog entitled Blogging my life, past, present and maybe the future.

Loving you on C&C.


Jane said...

Hi Leonie
I am just catching up with reading your blog....I will miss seeing you on QVC but wish you a wonderful future with your new projects. Please persuade create and craft to have their shows on Virgin cable...I can get them on my old sky system but we need you on cable too. You are an inspiration to crafters...especially the untidy ones like me. Honestly how can you craft properly if you aren't in a mess!!!!
Wishing you every success. Good luck.

KraftyKoolKat said...

Hi Leonie - Had a great time Saturday when Marianne and I eventually turned up!!! Look forward to more dates!!!! Thanks for the list of your show dates. Cathy xxxx

FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

Hi Leonie, been following your loveley blog for some time, but I don't often comment.

I'm passing on an award to you as a thank you for all the inspiration, enthusiasm and passion you pass on to us all. See my blog for more info.

Luv Dee xxx

sandra.daly said...

Thank you for a great workshop on Saturday cant wait for the next one.


Tracy said...

Looks like you had a Great Workshop:O) great piccies. A Weekend of Crafting sounds brilliant. Looking forward to seeing your shows this week. Just make sure you get plenty of rest in bertween times, Don't want to hear you are running yourself ragged.
Tracy xx

Ed said...

wow Leonie, wish you lived closer to me, or the other way round - would love to share my crafty bits and pieces and have a nice chinwag at the same time ..

Marie said...

Hi Leonie
Just wanted to say that I've seen you on C&C this morning and it was a pleasure to see you there! I love watching craft on all of the channels, but there does seem to be a more relaxed atmosphere on IW/C&C and you seem right at home there. It must be a pleasure to get longer air time to talk about teh products and of course do some of the demos yourself as well, so I look forward to seeing more of you on air in the future.

Simone said...

Hello Leonie. I saw you on t'other side this morning and was delighted when you read out my email! I love watching create and craft and you seem right at home. Good luck with your new job. I am sure you will fit in nicely with the team. x

brenda said...

Hello Leoni

I just caught sight of you on C&C and had to do a google search to see exactly what was happening - I record so much but it's oven so long before I get to see it.

Anyway, having now read all down your blog, all I can say is yippee.

I am sure this move will be great for you and give us all the chance to see so much more of your unique crafting skills.

And if I read right, you are doing something with Stamp Addicts as well, which is also great - I am on their DT and love all their products and creating for them.

Wishing you all the best with what I am sure will be a brilliant career move for you.

B x

greer campbell said...

Hmm a weekend craft retreat... heaven!!!