Friday, 6 November 2009

Christmas Tree

Whilst out walking the doggies I saw my first "proper" Christmas tree of the year. Not in a shop window, or in a TV studio, but in a field! It really made me smile. In the apple and pear orchard near where a live there's a little caravan - I've always thought of them as eco-warriors, living the off-grid life. However, they have a 4 wheel drive and now an all singing all dancing Christmas Tree. Fully decorated with flashing lights.

It's brilliant. And what a random thing to see in a field. Great, especially now all the apple trees are dying back, it looks quite bare - and then a flash of light(s) twinkling.

I'm going to pop some secret pressie's under the tree - I want a book "1000 things to Do with Apples", and I want to make some apple butter from their windfall apples. Bet they'd appreciate cider more - but not to sure about how I'd do that one!

Have you seen your first "proper" tree - and who out there is already getting the decs out - go one admit it (but change your name!!).


Mandi said...

Gosh! Thats so early, but sounds lovely. I so love christmas and christmas trees. Its such a lovely time. I've not seen a tree yet but am going to put mine up before November is out. This is a first for me, but another first is guests for christmas day so I want to make sure my tree looks very, very special xx

lesleyanne said...

there used to be a girl in the village that put all her deckies up on the 1st nov every year
mine go up the first week in dec
lesley xx

Anonymous said...

Hey check you out!!!!love your New Makeover....`Gorgeous`...
I saw my first tree today!!!!!crickey how early????
A bit early for me...
I think my daughter will be the first there!!!lol..
Hope your having a great week Leonie:)xxx

Joanne said...

Leonie, I notice a lot of joy 'exploding' from you just lately. Just goes to prove that hard decisions bring happiness. My Xmas tree(s) is/are permanently growing in my garden. They bring me joy all year round because the birds just love them. xx

Spookys Crafty Mess said...

Ummm does the great big one planted in our front garden by the peeps who built our house,and who we bought it from count - I keep forgetting its there till it's christmas and someone mentions it cos it's a real real big thing. err merry christmas every one Hee Heee !! hugs Bxx

Leonie said...

Aww, I love having Christmas trees in the garden, how lovely. We once went for a walk and there was a tree (not a fir I don't think) that people used to pop messages on to their loved ones. Cards and letters, think they were in bags to protect them. Thought it was a lovely idea - I probably cried! There were emotional messages of course.

Anyhow, I am abit bubbly Joanne - the nerves and excitment all kicking in!!

Aww, Mandi, I'm sure it will look wonderful - especially with all your guests sitting near.

Happy Christmas!