Sunday, 22 November 2009

Christmas is coming

I'm feeling Christmassy! Already. This might not be something of a surprise, with it being Christmas around the corner n all, but I haven't been Christmassy for 2 years now - so it's a really nice feeling. Even Nicky's got the bug - started looking at decorations and everything!! Whooooo. We even bought a little bottle of Christmas scent for the house - which I have managed to lose. Can't find it anywhere - how annoying that.

Anyhow, even made a Christmas card today (had a play, have a look on the other blog to see what I was using), inspired by cleaning the kitchen.

Now, the Craft Club, as my work days are supposed to be Thursday, Friday and Saturday, I don't want to have the club at the weekend, so I'm thinking the best day is Monday evening. Of course, because of the dark nights I hope this will be okay, and not put people off who will be getting a bus. Hopefully, when we are fully up and running we should be able to sort car shares - and people walking to the bus stop together.

I want the first evening to start with a bang, so it will be a Christmas party evening. It will be all trial and error to begin. I will book the room, so will have to confirm that. We will then work out who will be second in command to book the room etc if I'm not around. Maybe we'll have to find a room that's abit cheaper as well - but that we can play by here. There will only be a minimal charge for the club - which will cover the cost of room hire and coffee etc.

Okay, so the date:

Monday 7th December

How does that sound. I hope people can make it. Again, let me know - even though I will be posting all details on here when I have booked the room. It will be in Canterbury, hopefully Wincheap (I want to use the room I use for the workshop really), and most importantly please spread the word. If you are part of any groups, church, school etc. Maybe pop a little note up in the staff room, or let other people know by word of mouth. The more the merrier.



Aurora said...

Lovely delicate looking card. I've managed to make 20 quick cards today to add to the other 30 I have ready to sell at work. Quick cards but lovely nevertheless as I used mainly Kanban toppers and cards, no techniques involved! I can't find the link for the "other blog" you directed us to see what you used to make the card. Where is it please?

Aurora said...

Search over- I managed to find the blog! Great tips & techniques and I have to say the material you used to make the card is very unique! On another note I read a comment on a previous post which suggested that if you giggle too much on your shows then it can get irritating!! I think that is a bit harsh and overly critical considering that it was your first week and nerves can get to the best of us! All I can say is that you are doing a great job and your first week was a great success (giggles and all). You don't just sell the items you make great suggestions as to how they can be used and you also ask relevant questions of the guests. Keep up the good work and just be yourself. (Rant over)
Dawn X

Debsg said...

I'm on a roll at the moment with Christmas cards! Mind you, I did plan to craft all day today, but somehow didn't manage any!

Joanne said...

Would so love to join your club but there are no buses from Warton, Lancs!!!! Don't you dare stop giggling. That lovely side of you is what makes a lot of us love you. xxxxx

Melly said...

Im glad you found your "christmas"!! I know the feeling you have had for the past two years and its not nice! But this year will be different, memeber its not about gifts, work and all the baubles. Is all about family, you and ure wee love of the season!! Take care, wish I could come to your wee craft club!! Hugs and Christmas wishes xxx

lesleyanne said...

hi Leonie
sorry wont be able to make the first club meeting
will be at beckys in inverness
but i would be more than happy
to be your stand in
and do the bookings if needed
lesley xx

Anonymous said...

Too far from Oxford for the club I'm afraid! Have made some cards for Christmas from a C&C decoupage kit I bought earlier - know I've got another from last year amongst my other many bits and pieces! Not really in the Christmas spirit though because of certain things, but am glad you have found yours again.


chrissie's crafts said...

Love the card Leonie, been making some in parts now only have to put them all together fingers crossed all the bits fit. Looking forward to the craft club and will definitely be spreading the word.
Chrissie x

jordiegirl said...

I think the comment about giggling was referring to how much giggling is done by other presenters when with certain guests and it can get a bit OTT at times.

Nothing wrong with a giggle her and there, do it myself, but non stop is too much when you are presenting a show and you have a guest demonstrating too.

I certainly didn't mean Leonie was giggling too much when I agreed with the other person's comment, I think she's doing a fabulous job, and it's all new to her too, nervous giggling can just get you when you least expect it.

Keep up the good work Leonie.

Sorry I'm too far away from Canterbury too, I'm in Worcestershire, so can't make your club.

anna said...

hi leonie, I work in canterbury so would love to join in the craft club. have emailed an enquiry to you as could not find your other blog. hope thats ok.

Mandi said...

I'm in worcestershire too so afraid its too far :-( Sure it will be a great hot.
So pleased to hear you are feeling christmasy, hugs for you and Nicky xx

Mandi said...

Sorry! That should have said great hit!