Thursday, 29 October 2009

Your Comments........

are, and have been wonderful. What can I say - a massive thank you. It's so good to have so much support, and each one makes me more excited and inspired by the next chapter of life.

Now, whilst we're on the subject of comments, I want more.....but this time why not tell me what you would love to see more off, less off, which crafts would be great to see, you get the jist. I don't want who you don't want to see - but would love to know who you would like to see (no negativity!! this will be the positive zone haha). Either post on here or drop me an email:

It'd be lovely to know what everyone thinks - after all without the viewers we'd be chatting to ourselves - and we'd be very bored!

I have been making the most of my time off - don't the days fly! I've been attacking the backlog of my ATC club, so have a look at flickr (scroll down the right-hand coloumn for the link) at new club member cards.

Me and Fab are also working on our new Blog - watch this space. I'm saying me and Fab, okay really fab is working on it because he is the wizzard of many things - and this blogging malarky is definitely one of them.

Today though me and my chum are going to one of the Art houses, which are part of the Canterbury Festival. If you haven't had a nosey, and you are in this area, then go. Saturday is your last chance - make the most of having a look at art whilst having a nosey round someones house (haha, love being nosey).

Watching C&C as I type, I've had a play with those crackers - they look great on the table at Christmas, or in the tree with a little pressie in.

Righto, dog walking time in the mist.........woooo


andrew said...

Congratulations on your new job. Hope you'll be really happy at C&C. Soniaxxx

dave.renwick said...

I can't wait to see you on c and c, you crack me up! Lets have loads of messy stuff, stamping, throwing alcohol ink willy nilly, I love it!!! :-]

Debsg said...

I'd like to see inky tecnhiques. Why not introduce a weekly challenge? It could be using a particular technique or following a layout? I always enjoy taking part in these on line, so why not on tv?

sam21ski said...

Anything messy and grungy!!!!

Helen's cards blog said...

Really looking forward to seeing you on C&C.
At the moment would like to learn more stamping techniques with pad,inks i.e bleaching/brayering etc, so anything on those lines.

Good luck


Artyjen said...

I know I would like to see more stamping, getting inky and altered art supplies.....perhaps this does not sell in vast quantities like cut & paste kits so it might never happen!! :)
Glenda Waterworth and Jill (The Stamp Man) are always a pleasure to watch.....perhaps there are other stamp companies who would like to sell through C&C? You know....the more grungy types! LOL
Sorry for long waffle!!

katie squirrel x said...

Good Luck in your new post! Look forward to seeing you joining C&C - I think its great that they are targetting crafters with live shows 5 mornings a week - fab!

Hmm would like to see little less of cd's - perhaps more scrapbooking on there - different techniques as opposed to just couple of photos mat and layered. Also altered art, incorporating different materials into crafting like fabrics, bits from around the home etc.

Leonie said...

I am so glad everyone seems to want more messy inky stuff, and altered art. I have just renewed my subsciption to Somerset Studio's magazine - have you ever read it, brilliant!

I'm going to write all the idea's down and see what we can do - you never know eh! haha, it'll be a good excuse to put on my messy t-shirts if I'm getting into a grungy, inky mess!

Anonymous said...

Lots of inky, grungy,altered art, some journaling, lots of stamping techniques, more demos without interuption like Glenda somtimes does.

No more decopage, silopage, twisterpage and all the other pages that seam to exist.

Full Ranger products available and please Leonie don't use the word ACTUALLY.
I will stop now list could go on forever.

angie's blogspot said...

I agree with the others, less cd roms, and more inky stamping creativity, will you be doing crafty stuff or are you going to be a presenter of all products? Oh and please please tell them that us freeview people want all day shows, I work most mornings so miss quite a few. Phew, lol xxx

Denise said...

Congratulations Leonie- you will shine hun- I would love to see more inky stuff - I really enjoyed the card workshop where we did the hero Arts tree.Lots of grungy altered stuff would be fab.I'd also like to see more scrapbooking products too :-) xx

sharon said...

OMG I've not been on line for a few days and was over on facebook and caught up with your news so thought I'd pop over to your blog and read all the comments. I think you have been very brave to make such a life changing decision but I always say follow your heart. I can't wait to see you presenting. As Brucie would say 'you are my favourite!' The Ideal World studios are closer to my neck of the woods so could you be pursuaded to do some workshops around the Peterbourgh area?!
Love Sharon

Anonymous said...

stamping techniques
altered art
melt pot
gesso / mold art
cards like in the craft stamper magazine

Joyce said...

Am sure you'll be a huge success on C & C! .. but will really miss seeing you in Ossy! Could you please show some ideas / techniques using alcohol inks? Thank you so much .. and all the very best for your future career. With love

Joyce xx

Anonymous said...

could you get the powers that be at C&c to let us all know the times
of shows as I havent watched since the boys left so maybe an email out to us showing us whats on offer would be great .I get lots of them telling about everything else so something I could printoff and follow would be good .

Anne said...

Can't wait for you to start the new job, Leonie - you're always a pleasure to watch and an inspiration too. Even if I've been in a slump with crafting, watching you is guaranteed to have me rushing to get my inks out for a play.

I love the mini books and altered projects you've flashed in front of the camera on QVC - it would be great to see you put together a tag album or mini book. Also a bit of home decor crafting would be good - I'd like to have a bash at doing something on canvas or a shadow box.

hazel said...

Brilliant news Leonie, looking forward to watching you on C and C. I'd love to see more stamping, altered art and mixed media. I agree with you about Somerset Studio, great magazine. xxx Hazel.

Spookys Crafty Mess said...

Leonie - it's like leaving home for the first time, that wobbly tummy feeling, but I'm sure you'll be just fine, and please don't change your vocabulary it's that, that makes you our wonderful Leonie. And we wouldn't want to change a bit of you.And your right there is pleanty of room for two channels, it keeps every one on their toes too. best wishes :-) xx

Leonie said...

thank you thank you thank you. I'll get altered in there somewhere - even if it mean duflexing my shoes!! haha. It's great of you all to respond. I will be presenting, but I certainly don't want to stop demoing, so I hope I will be able to do a bit of both - waffle n craft!! Easy peasy (gulp xxxx)


Cally said...

Really looking forward to seeing you on C&C. Hope you will be able to post when your first appearance will be. Can I go in the draw for some Blog Candy please? Would love to see some more ideas with gilding flakes.Good luck. Cally x

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