Wednesday, 28 October 2009


I've never had so many posts - ever!! It really suprised me, and really made me happy I have so much support out there. Thank you all, I am really touched by all your messages.

So now I'm chilling out - whoooopeee. I've got loads to do, so I won't have my feet up all the time, promise.

Again, thank you so much, really looking forward to seeing some of you at the NEC, then from the box at C&C!! xxxx


lesleyanne said...

just saw your post Leonie
well done on your new job
i agree there is plenty of space for 2 channels
lesley xx

Vince B said...

Hi Leonie
There's need to be nervous, the bunch at Ideal world are very nice.
You're a smasher and you'll wow them all.
Just do one thing for me - try to wean the lot of them AWAY from all that mirror board. ;0)
Good luck on your new adventure.
Vince X

Pam C said...

Hi Leonie
That's fab news, have to admit totally took me by surprise. You will be a wonderful addition to create and craft. The only sad thing is that me and my son Miles will not be able to see you at the topaz demos any more. We used to love chatting to you at them.
Good luck and see you on C & C soon x x

Jox said...

what fantastic news! hope you have a fab time.
I'm having a great time (so far) at UCA Canterbury, it was a bit scary but slowly getting to grips with it all.
Hope to see you soon. Jox

Beadsmad said...

Good luck Leonie, looking forward to seeing you on C&C. I like both channels as I'm sure a lot of people do.

ding said...

First of all,my love and deepest sympathy about your Gran,I sincerely think she will be smiling down on you. Next congratulations on the new job, if it means we get to see more of you, so much the better. You are far to talented to stay behind the scenes so much. I can imagine what a decision it was but I feel the right one and no not just your happy clappy vision but how it should be, each channel has it's own strengths, you will be a much added feather in C&C's cap....GOOD LUCK! Diane

Anonymous said...

Hello Leonie,
Congratulations on your new job, you are a very special person and very talented, you will cope fine, can't wait till you get started.
Good luck and best wishes.
Lynne xxx

Artyjen said...

Good luck on the path your life is taking! :)
Will no doubt see you sometime although I have to confess I only seem to watch repeats of things I like such as stamping!

chaotic chris said...

Hi Leonie
just seen your post - well done you! I think you down to earth approach is fantastic and really look forward to seeing you on C&C. (With living in Germany I watch over the internet) So good luck Leonie and enjoy yourself.
Take care

Sheila - Ginger said...

Congratulations will be a breath of fresh air o C&C. So looking forward to you being on there.

Love Sheila xx

maria-clarke said...

wishing all the very best, you will be a breath of fresh air on c&c.
good luck love mariaxxxx

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new post. I hope it gives you the well-earned opportunity to show your talents. I love watching both channels, for different reasons, but I think you will fit in well with the more relaxed atmosphere on C&C, and we will be able to enjoy your sense of humour and 'crafty' inspiration.

Rachel Webber said...

Congratulations on the new job - I'm really pleased you will be given the opportunity of more air time, and a more prominent position. I always love what you do, so the opportunity to see more of it is going to be fabulous.

JB said...

To Leonie
Congrats. on your new position. I have recently started watching Ideal World as well as QVC of course. They are always giggling on the shows and I agree that there is room for more competition. Variety is the spice of life as they say!

Terrie B x said...

You get your feet up as often as you can!!!!...Have Fun:)xxx

Leonie said...

haha, thank you folks, all wonderful comments - I'm really touched by everyone's well wishes - and getting more inspired and excited as the week goes on. I keep forgetting to be nervous! Puh, that'll kick in soon I bet!xxxx

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Leonie, I'm sure you'll love it at C&C, What a loss for QVC. Deepest Sympathy to you on the loss of your Gran. I know she will be very proud of you. Hope we do see more of you. QVC doesnt have enough Craft days etc, Good luck for the new job. love Dorothy

mad maggie said...

Hi Leonie many congrats on your new job. QVC's loss is C&C's gain.It will enable you to flourish and further develop your own unique style. I think where C&C win over QVC is that you are given more time to demonstrate the products which is good for the viewer and the demonstrator alike.
Regards Margaret x