Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Wine dilemma

I had to turn off the comp last night earlier than expected, cos I spilt red wine down my computer!!! Whoops. The screen went blank and I thought that was that, but thankfully it's dried out and back up and running! Can't say how relieved I am!

And it's meant I can read my brilliant messages - have you seen the fab cake receipe from Claire for my courgettes! Coffee evening cakes are sorted - thank you so much Claire - and hows Australia (lucky thing you!).


Claire said...

Australia is fab, just need to find a job so I can start buying all the new crafty things I found here.
Hope you enjoy yhe cake

lesleyanne said...

hi leonie
have sent my cheque for workshops
really looking forward to them
lesley xx

jennyflower said...

Glad te pooter survived! Loving the sound of the Macmillan party! How would you fancy a Kent crafty types Canterbury picnic on August 30th? Just for a laugh?

Joy said...

Haha, I am drinking a nice glass of shiraz as I read this. Maybe I should be careful in case its contagious. Glad it turned out ok. Bet you panicked.

Leonie said...

Claire, I'm jealous. I've been lucky enough to visit Aussy once and loved it - definitely wanted to stay. Good luck with the job hunt though, is it tricky?

I'm really looking forward to the workshops, Lesley, we'll have a laugh!

Oh Jenny, I would have loved a crafty types picnic (would have been perfic, my b'day is the 31st), but I'm up North working at Dawns. Any more dates? Think it's a fab idea.

Put the wine down Joy, move away from the glass slowly! I did panic, especially since the camera has just been through the insurance after that was dropped - it's taken forever to get it sorted. I'd be lost without this little beauty!!


Claire said...

ts always hard looking for jobs, but I understand the unemployment is much lower here than the UK. Just a question of time....I guess.

If you ever come back to Australia, theres always a spare bedroom in Melbourne!

Leonie said...

Whoohoo, thank you Claire, not been to Melbourne yet either!!