Thursday, 6 August 2009


Just thought I'd pop a picture of my sunflowers because they're pretty!


Joy said...

Gorgeous sunflowers, Leonie :D Brightens up the day now that its raining... again... oh I'm so surprised ;o) x

Joanne said...

Are they red? I've only ever seen yellow ones. The birds will be so happy this winter. Think I may grow some next year so my birds can scoff through the winter too.

Leonie said...

Hi Ladies,

Well it sorta looks black, but in the light it has beautiful red tones! I'm leaving all the dead heads on for the birdies, not sure if thats stopping other heads from coming through though! Oh hum, the dilemmas off the garden again!

Terrie B x said...

Hi Leonie..I`ve never seen red ones before?????
They are sooo beautiful to..
Have a fab week:)x

She said...

How beautiful they are. xxx

Artyjen said...

Love the flowers.....I have the same difficulty....dead head or not dead head? That is the question!!! LOL

Denise said...

What lovely photo's and what lovely colours