Wednesday, 5 August 2009


Today I gave myself the day off - and chilled out. Even though I had lots of stuff to do, I really could not be bothered, so didn't. I'm now sitting here waiting for Nicky to put a film on with Dylan fast asleep on my foot (aww).

The weekend was great. Saw loads of familiar faces, and met lots of lovely new people as well. It was a real success. Tomorrow I'll pop on some photo's and also some tips on using Smooch (they may be inks in a tidy little bottle, but follow my lead and I'll make sure you get mucky paws!).

I was really chuft that I could drop my sis off at her new job - good luck Maz. I know she'll do brilliant, but isn't it scary! Urgh.

I came home to a very tidy house, happy doggies, and when we nipped up to the allotment we had about 8 courgettes! Went to work on Tuesday, and Nicky even made blackberry jam! How good is that. Courgette chutney and jam for everyones crimbo pressies this year I recon. Does jam freeze.

Righto, enough waffle. Pop back tomorrow for tips on Smooching (haha, alternatively google that one, you get alsorts of top tips!).

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Shirley D said...

Oh Leonie, you have given me a little giggle! You have such an honest way of writing things straight from the heart.

You won't need to freeze jam as long as you bottle it in sterile pots and seal it well.

Must get back to my art now - sadly without any smooching although my hubby has just come home from work!