Thursday, 13 August 2009


I know, I shouldn't swear - jogging for goodness sake. This is it though, another attempt at being healthy. Get this for a good start to the and the doggies, grass still slightly wet from the evenings rain, but the sun raising its head and warming the air. A slight jog, then a moment to recover from the shock! A few blackberries, sweet, fat and juicy. Even a few tiny beautiful sweet little plums picked straight from the tree, then another longer jog. Home to 15 mins of abs work out - then porridge. mmmmmm. Isn't that a good morning. I think the fruit gives me the inspiration to do the last jog - Teela loves the blackberries and plums! Dylan just kinda swills them around abit then spits them out - he just doesn't get it!

Anyhow, need to crack

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