Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Craft Day - done and dusted

Phew, what a day! another speedy post I'm afraid, as I drove up North today, which seemed to sap the last available ounce of energy out of me...get out the violins. Craft Day was good. Great to see Amy, and loved Dawn's crimbo get up! Very jazzy. Had a laugh with our Claire, dying to know how the protesting went (ask Claire), didn't see the other crafters though - we were on different floors so you never bump into folk.

I was feeling abit mad yesterday actually - bit giddy. It's that Amy, leads me astray!!

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Shirley D said...

Have a very Happy Birthday on Monday, Leonie - we share the same day! I will be substantially older than you (still) but young at heart, definitely.

Do you recall how awful our birthdays were in 1997? It's the 12th anniversary this year...very sad.

But, happy note, 31st Aug is also my wedding anniversary! Yeah, we married on my 50th birthday 4 years ago - there, I've given away my secret now.

So we call it our annibirthary now - how cool is that, Leonie! Thought you'd appreciate the story.

Enjoy Our Day!