Thursday, 16 July 2009

Up North again

Well, my post is long overdue, but it's been so busy this has been my first opportunity to get on the computer (you can imagine what my emails look like - I've looked at them but came away again, just looks scary!).

A Makey Do was really good. Me and Ashley had a great day, completely different to normal crafty stuff that I do, so definitely something we are going to do again. We met some great people, including Jen who did a fantastic job organising the whole event. Well done Jen.

Then straight after that we had the wonderful Kanban TSV. Dawn got the day rolling and I was in for the morning show. The evening before we had a major gooseberry picking, which meant I went on air full of scratches and bites - looking good! Anyhow, I really like the characters from Patchwork Pals, they are so cute, and brill for everyone. Great TSV.

It was a long ole day, and then we worked from the hotel for the Wednesday show. The lovely Lindsay Mason came along to the hotel, love her cards, she's brilliant. She got ready for her TV debut, and then I had to leave so didn't see her show (cheesed off about that one). We had to get up North for Nicky's mums graduation, she was there in cap and gown and collected her Degree, she has done brilliant and everyone was really proud.

That's what we've been up to, so sorry for the delays in the ATC club and getting back to people who have emailed - I'm hoping to catch up (mmmmmm).

In the meantime here's some pics of a few of the cards I did for this week:

I had the chocolate colour core pad to play with, I used it with die cuts, scrunched up the card and stencils. Love it. It's my fav as I'm really into brown card at the mo, so found it dead easy to work with:

Also played with the clear background stamps, which were also really cool. For this card I stamped on a patterned background paper with corresponding ink (using a clear block so I could see where I was stamping to make a continuous image), then just outlined part of the image with a white gel pen, dead easy but so effective.

I'll pop some more on during the next few days. ttfn xxx


Joanne said...

big congrats to Nicky's mum. I bet everyone in the family is chuffed for her. Well Done.

Hazel (Didos) said...

Ah Congrats to Nickys Mum too, Well Done, to her.
I loved the TSV but managed to wait to get some of Lindsays stamps. I have met her twice asnd she is a wonderful person.
Love the cards you have done they look fabby. Off to get on witht he day Love Hazelxoxo

Leonie said...

Thank you, everyones so proud of her, she's worked really hard and done brilliantly. Lindsays great isnt she, her works amazing.