Monday, 6 July 2009

Roll on Saturday

Really looking forward to Saturday and the Makey Do! 4 boxes arrived yesterday - hehe, full of lovely crafty books. Problem is I've ordered books I want, so this could cost me a fortune! I've got a great selection. Also bringing along some wonderful things from Crafty Notions, which I will be using to demo with, and Dawn also brought some really great stuff in for me to use as well. Should be fab.

I've also decided we should have an ATC Trading Post. There will be a table were I will start the ball rolling with a selection of ATCs ready to be traded. Bring along your ATCs and then you can either swap one of yours for one on the table, or see if a fellow ATCer is around, so you can trade face to face. Bring your trades in a bag with a big sign on it that displays proudly you are looking to trade your art work. If you are not familiar with ATC's then the basic rules are:

* ATCs should be 2.5" x 3.5"
* On the back of your ATC you should have your name and some kind of contact details (address, email, blog or phone number)
* Your ATC can be decorated using anything - the world is your oyster! Be as adventurous or safe as you please, all ATCs of all levels are welcome

And why would you do an ATC? What's the point? Well..........

ATCs are for trading only, not selling. When you start collecting ATCs you build up a fantastic range of inspiration and idea's - the beauty of these little works of art are you can contact the artist, so if you would like to know how something has been made, or what has been used then you can. You can also ask people to trade with you if you particularly like their work. Trading can be done face to face, via clubs or through the various ATC groups on the net. You meet some lovely people, who already share your creative passion, what better way to spark a friendship. Also, if you are already a card addict, then this is the perfect excuse for you to craft until your hearts content!

I hope you all join in and either make this the beginning of a wonderful collection, or add to an already budding one!

Seeya there

Some ATCs:



Susie Sugar said...

What lovely ATC's Leonie, I love the cute little bunny its so sweet
Hugs Susie xx

Joanne said...

Another fab bunch of ATCs Leonie. No idea where Sandwich is but couldn't come anyway, I'm on a whole day of Ranger workshops with Lindsay Mason at Dawn's on Saturday. Like you, can't wait for Saturday. Enjoy yourself sweetie. Luv Joanne xxxxx

Leonie said...

Hi Ladies,

Just wanted to say the ATCs are from some of my club members, so I can't take any credit! Good arn't they. Have a great time Joanne, Sandwich is near me, so it would have been abit of a journey - it's a really nice place to visit though, so maybe next time. Give my love to Lindsay.

Take care,

lesleyanne said...

ATCs all made
look forward to seeing you
on saterday
lesley x

Terrie B x said...

`Beautiful` ATC`S Leonie..
Have a fab weekend:) x