Wednesday, 22 July 2009

QVC cards

Okay, shouldn't be messing about on here as it's abit late and I'll be moaning about being tired tomorrow, but hey I've started so I'll finish. Had a great day today with our Craig - he's fab. I hope Dawn manages to make the most of the rest - and no chatting (Dawn, if you are reading!!). She did say (well, text) she was feeling abit better, so hopefully it won't get as bad as last time.

Anyhow, thought I'd pop on a few photo's from last weeks show. Also if you caught me today and want to look at the cards done with the embossed cards then just scan down to my older posts - I think they are on the 2nd July posting.

The first card has been done using canvas, which was part of a speciality paper kit. This is great for lots of card making techniques, as well as printing on. For this card I have simply stamped on the reverse of the canvas, gives you a lovely texture.

Again in the speciality paper selection, this one was the foil paper (although the same technique can be used on gloss/mirri/metal). Dead easy. Use peel off stickers to create a textured and patterned surface then use alcohol inks to colour the card and the peel offs. Makes a great background.

mmmmm, chocolate colour core card - almost as good as the real thing (chocolate that is). Easy scrapbook pages, ripping, tearing and sewing.

More chocolate, this time used in conjunction with the Slice to cut tags and frames. Scrunch and sand to get fab distressed looks.

I just wanna have a look at seed pages now, I can still sow stuff! How'd have thought! No - put the computer down.

nite nite


Terrie B x said...

Have a fabulous week Leonie..The girl did well!!!
Craig is rather `sweet` int he...hmmm
Hope Dawns feeling better soon..
Take Care

From us up North!!:)xxx

lesleyanne said...

really enjoyed the show yesterday
tried the glue on stamp after you showed us at makey do
hope to see you again soon
hugs lesley xx

Joanne said...

I texted in but they didn't show any. I LOVE your QVC slots. It's good to get a different angle on things - and we get a

sharon said...

I got my super bargain price oriental stickers today from the other night, they are lovely. I also see that there is a whole morning of craft sale next Wednesday - could be dangerous!!!!!!!!!! xx

jordiegirl said...

I think Craig is a bit of a sweetie too, really like him, although I do like the other guys too.

Hope Dawn is better soon. I thought after her tonsil op. she wouldn't have suffered so much but seems like she still does.

I just received my Kanban cards and envelopes I ordered last week and noticed lots of craft coming up next week - great - especially now schools are on holiday and I don't have to go to work so I won't have to miss anything.

Enjoy it when you're on the shows too.

Leonie said...

Thank you gang - Craig is great, he's back on with me next week - hooray! Oh yep, next week is going to be a mega day on Wednesday, lots of goodies!x