Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Back to the blue skies

Saying that weather girl has just said it's going to rain - please do cos the earths parchy! Anyhow, our visit up north was great - and wet!! Couldn't believe how much it rained - came home hoping all would be lush and lovely, and everything looked dry and dank.

Wel I'm on QVC today. Poor Dawn sounds terrible, her throats bad again, so I need to get my ironing done and get in studio - on that note I better leg it hadn't I!


Hazel (Didos) said...

Looking forward to the show, Mmm It rained loads here too but the plants still look like they need a drink. Weird!

sharon said...

What a lovely surprise you were this afternoon Leonie! I was good and ordered only once. I've invested in the quickie glue pens! xx

Leonie said...

Hi Sharon and Hazel,

My mums plants certainly got enough watering!! Think ours have been treated today (you never know what it's been doing when your in QVC though!).
You'll love the glue pens Sharon, they are so handy, and you can use them with loads of different techniques, have fun.