Thursday, 18 June 2009

Sunny Days

Another lovely sunny day here in Canterbury. Loads of kits have been delivered ready for next weeks TSV - don't know what the actual TSV is as Clare is doing it (be great to see her, it's been yonks!!), but I've got some goodies to be getting on with.

In the meantime I've been getting abit excited about Glasto - the day after the TSV (mmm, glad I'm not driving). Ordered my She Wee!!! haha. Has anyone seen them, they look hilarious! It's basically a funnel you use to wee, so handy for festivals (or long walks when bushes are scarce!). Hopefully it'll be a liberating experience, not a soggy one (NOT using this one when I'm tipsy - can you imagine!! Don't.........)

Nicky in the Glasto hat!! haha. I liked that kit, the knitting one that was on the other day (think I've already babbled about it). Definitely going to get some more wool and get knitting - socks!! Love knitted socks.

On a crafty note, I was working with the color core card the other day, did you know if you trickle bleach on it (I used the thick stuff), the card raises and, when dry, you can sand the raised bit to show the other colour. I tried this on the card which is black one side, and coloured on the other, and it worked a treat. You can make your own free hand patterns. Don't think I took a photo of that one though (I know, typical). Oh yes I did..........


lesleyanne said...

i love the black colorcore
been playing it works really well
brought it in cromos the other sunday
hope the weather is kind to you for glastonbury
dd went and weather was awfull
but she would not have missed it for the world
lesley xx

Joanne said...

Supposed to be getting warmer next WEEk so you should be ok and not covered in mud this year. Can't wait for pics, especially for your new contraption. How on earth do you use it in the middle of a crowd?????

Leonie said...

haha, I won't Joanne, I promise - I'll still nip to the loo's, but can do stand up wee's!!! Whoohoo. Handy for walks as well, more discreat than having to do moonies behind a little bush!! hahaha.

Fingers crossed for the weather, getting my wellies, and already got my waterproofs, and we're in the van, so at least the tent won't wash away. I'll def put some pics on!!xx

Jox said...

please report back re:shewee.
Have a great time at Glastonbury, we must set a date when your back for our trip to London town. xx

Claire said...

Just a quick thank you for the club and to say I will miss seeing you on QVC but I'm moving to Oz at the end of the week so I shall not see all the crafty fun again.

Anonymous said...

Hope you're having a great time at Glastonbury, more news on the She wee please!!