Thursday, 11 June 2009

Ready for the weekend???

I'm not!!! Got to do my Uni presentation tomorrow, and the Wallace and Gromit animation I did has disappeared!! Gone I tell you. I'm sick as a dead parrot. What the hell have I done! I presumed it was okay, it seemed okay when I downloaded it and saved it - but oh no, it's gone!


Anyhow, it's now stupid o'clock again, I have to go to Uni, come home, pick up the car and dogs then hit the road (lots of twoing and froing). Hopefully I won't get up North to late so I can have a bit of a chill before the crafting begins!

Looking forward to the weekend at least, be lovely seeing all the Topaz Totty, Paula and of course the Crafty Clan who are coming along to join us on Dawn's residential.

I'll have cheered up by then, promise. Won't be snapping if you use to much micro dots, or stick your paper on up-side down! haha.

Had loads of photo's to upload, but it's got abit late (computers probably eaten them anyway).

I'll be back after the fill you in on any gossip (and if there isn't any, I'll make it up).


Joanne said...

Oh Leonie! just read your blog and I am so sorry for you. I just hope you managed the rest of your presentation and that they let you do the animation later once you've found it. You need a 'Dave' like me. He's my computer expert. May see you on Sunday if you get to the shop along with the bus load of crafty gals. xxx

Hazel (Didos) said...

Oh no, the cyberspace monster must have taken them. Hope you got on ok with the presentation with out them. They looked brill on the blog.
Hope you have a great weekend. Don't let that Lindsay Mason lead you astray!! LOL Hazelxox

Debsg said...

Oh no poor you! Hope the presentation goes well. Topaz totty! That really made me lol. Have a great weekend.

Leonie said...

Thank you gang, the presentation went ok, just had a babble, but really cheesed off. Next time it'll triple check I've done it right!