Thursday, 4 June 2009

A Makey Do

If you have chance have a peek at the Makey Do web site

Jen has put on my Q&A thingy. Really looking forward to it and meeting Jen, recon we'll get on very well, remember to come and visit us, Saturday 11th July at the Guildhall in Sandwich. I'll be there at opening times, and there will be beautiful handmade wonders to buy, things for the kiddies to do, as well as goody bags. To good to miss.

Also look out for the craft show on Monday 10am on QVC, I have a couple of items and there will be other guests there as well, so it's a mixed bag of things for you to get stuck into.

My poor baby starlings. They keep flying into our window. We have the bird stickers on, but it doesn't seem to be deterring them. Thankfully they have all been okay, but it's very worrying. Cheeky sods though, I have bought a ground cage thing so the small birds stand a chance of getting some food (and the fat pigeons and greedy starlings can't get in), however the baby starlings can! They're the only ones brave enough to wander in at the moment. Righto, back to work and stop obsessing about the bird!

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