Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Tuesdays a Crafty day..

we made it into QVC today - I say we, as Nicky had to drive me in (get me, chauffeur!! I've moved up a league). Well, although the chauffeur bit was ace, he had to take me in as our car has died an gearbox kaput death. It's a write off. Bummer huh! So, we have our wonderful Sunseeker to get us everywhere - and I haven't worked out enough to turn the steering wheel yet!

Actually, it was ace being driven in, so less stressful! Maybe I'll never learn how to master driving the suntank!

The show went well, poor Catherine wasn't to well, so it was me and Pippa. Love working with Pippa, it's good fun. After the show I went to the van and had a round of toast - haha, in the QVC car park! Aaah, it's the small things in life that brighten a day eh. Tickled me.

Can you believe my Uni presentation didn't go ahead (have I already written about this??). Anyway, only found out at 8.30 Thursday evening that it wasn't going ahead - what a sickner! At least I'm almost organised, and have time to do a little more.

My sister and cousin are planning to do a 10 mile run for the charity DebRA. I really want to do it, but 10 miles! I've been trying to do abit of running when I walk my dogs in the morning, and have to stop after 10 seconds - and the runs in October! I haven't a chance have I. I'll try and do something next year. The DebRA charity is really important to us as Debra was my Auntie, and my Gran was one of the founders of the Charity - our Dad even did the original art work. Debra was so brave, I never once heard her complain, even though she was in pain, and my Gran was amazing. My mum has kept all the newspaper cuttings and things, when Gran was trying to get media attention and raise awareness of Epidermolysis Bullosa, and its so heart wrenching. Anyhow, next year will be a run - or maybe a walk this year?

Okay, I better go, I'm a sleepy bunny and have lots to do for the TSV so better get the zzzzzzzzzz's in.

Hope all's well with everyone in blog land


Joanne said...

Trade it in Leonie and get £2K off a new one. Some con by the gov. eh? Now what is a Sunseeker motorhome? I thought they made boats in Poole!! xxxx

Sandy said...

My dear freind in Maidstone has a son with this condition too . Ben is a lovely young man but the pain he goes through is un believeable .
My Grandchildren love him to bits . Have you received my letter sent to your PO number re Guiding yet !