Friday, 29 May 2009

First year over!!

Can you believe it, our first year of Uni is over already - well almost. It was our last "proper" day today - then we have Summer School. How good does that sound, from Uni to school - I'll be back at nursery next year (sand pit and finger paint - brilliant!). Bet the sand pit has been banned now hasn't it - all that health and safety malarky.

Anyhow, it was good today, had our lecture for the next unit, found out I had no library debts (that's a first), and trotted off into the sunshine!

Summer school will be great, we are doing Life Drawing, which I've never tried before so that will be interesting. Then we are trying some sculpting of the figure as well. Will be good to have some continual time in Uni, as just visiting once a week means you don't get to really get stuck into anything.

I'm crafting this weekend, we have a TSV next week, so plenty of cards to crack on with. I'll pop a few pics on when they're done.



Fabrizio said...

Hurray ! School's out for summer ! LOL Well almost. I really admire you Leonie as I tried twice to go to Uni and failed both times at the second year. Now I know it was because I had issues but nevertheless always admire people who goes through Uni and have fun with it !

I bet Paula will never end talking about Barcelona winning this coming TSV ! Be prepared and send her a big hug from us and also to Dawn.

I'm off to the Paper Wishes forum where i got all the HOTP girls to start card swapping ! Next ATC ! So I will ask for your help when that happens. Hugz XXXX Fab

sharon said...

I can confirm that we are still using sand pits in classrooms! You just have to make sure they have lids so that little kitties don't use them as a litter tray!
I've ordered my TSV - can't wait for it to arrive! I bought a similar kit you demonstrated a while back with the ring bound book in for cards/ATC's - I love the syle of this kit.

Leonie said...

Hi Sharon and Fab,
Lovely to hear from you. I'm so glad they still have sand pits, what about the water tank thing with all the toys - loved that. And we had a pretend kitchen - oh to be 5 again, the real kitchens rubbish, it always needs cleaning.

Thank you Fab, being a part timer at Uni does make it harder I think, or at least easier to pack in - as if you miss one or two weeks, it feels like a months gone by. The main thing is you tried, and did the first year - I think alot of people don't go back in that first year, so well done you. Good luck with the trading, you get em ATCing!!

Paula wasn't in this time, but I'll be seeing her soon at the residential, we're travelling up North together. Hooray. I was rather chuft about the Barcelona win, even though I'd have loved Man U to win of course, but my Grandad came from Barcelona, so I feel I have a tie!

Take care folks

Jox said...

can't believe we've got through the first year! only 4 more to go!!!!