Thursday, 2 April 2009

The Joy of Driving

I'm a little cheesed off today. Had to get my car out of the garage early (lots of work needed for it's MOT), to get into work - I was going to get the train but guess how much it would have cost.......nope all wrong guesses I'm afraid - it would have cost me £46.20!!! Can you believe it, that's half my wage for doing the damn show! I'm disgusted. Apparently we're trying to be greener and cut down the congestion in London - so we'll make the trains to expensive to travel on. Isn't that a scandal. Off peak it's £23, so the same as petrol, but peak is just robbery. Plus of course you have all the hassle of changing twice. Huh. So, I drove in my dodgy car, which I have had to drop back off at the garage, which will mean I'll miss Uni tomorrow. Really unhappy about that - it's our last day before the Easter holidays, so really wanted to go in. Unfortunately it's not worth getting the train to Uni then home, then driving up North - it'll be much to late, and I'll be shattered. Grrrr.....

Anyway, enough of my complainin' - and crack on to make cards for Tuesday's show. Thought I'd try and pop some photo's on of the cards from TSV day, but they are abit rubbish quality images I'm afraid - I've put them on the Flickr site anyway if you fancy a peak.

Doubt I'll be on again before the demo weekend - so look forward to seeing some of you there (that's if the car does get fixed!! fingers crossed).

Dawn and Claire supporting very fetching wings for Fairy day

JJ chilling out with hot chocolate after our TSV day

My very post sofa bed, with my own Shampoo's!! haha


Debo said...

What uni course are you doing and when did you start? Are you enjoying it? I assume you're doing it part-time as you're still working.

Leonie said...

I'm doing an Art and Design course, which is brill. I started in September (I think!! seems longer than that though). It's great as it touches on lots of different art applications, although I still want to learn everything more indepth. I am doing it part-time, as really couldn't afford to give up work - and it would be silly to leave a job I've been in for, man, I think it must be going on 10 years!! Gulp. It's hard going trying to get everything done, but it's just a case of trying to be organised, which can be tricky - takes some discipline to work from home!

There is a few pic's on my blog of a couple of things I have done so far, have a nosey

Terrie B x said...

Hiya Leonie..
Hope to see you on Craft Day...very nice piccies!!!
Love the `post Bed` there ..looks very shuzzy indeed...
Hope your weell..
Have a lovely weekend
`Sweet one`:)♥
Scott say`s `Hi` too~x~