Tuesday, 17 March 2009

The last bit of Poison Ivy.......

.....is the nail varnish - bright green. Lovely. Only £1.50 from the market, what a tremendous bargain. I'll pop on a photo or two of my sisters 30th birthday party - it was fab. Me and my partners in crime (Hanelli and Katie), were party to the decorating of a tree or two with brill photo's of my sis, hehe. Great fun. I was so excited by the time we'd finished, but couldn't tell Marianne what was wrong with me!! Had to pretend it was the excitment of drinking Champagne! Anyway, the party was great, and the weekend up North just catching up with family and chilling out was just what was needed.

Anyhow, need to get back to attempting to get the green stuff off - I'm on air tomorrow, nice and early at 10am, and I don't think they'll look to good on air (should I put on my red wig - wouldn't it be funny).

Hey, had a twitter today!! Check out QVC's page:
and search for

Twittering - what's the world coming to!!


PinkLadyMel said...

Hey Twitterer!

I was just nosing on Dawns blog and found a link to yours HURRAY!

Where to start.. Argh!

Green nail polish.. OooO pirdy!!
Beautiful country houses.. will always be small but is it completely right? Are you in love with the house or in love with the fairytale setting. A horsey does sound pretty cool though.. will it be a pain carrying your shopping in :D

Baby Jacob. When it all happened you came onto forums and I knew how you felt, absorbing everything you could, reading endlessly but taking in nothing. I PM'd you on UKScrappers and we shared about our heartache and the way it felt. I said to you that people would always say 'i'm sorry for your loss' but never 'Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful angel'and it was hard to pretend like he had never existed. We shared a lot in a few PMs and then I told you to stop looking for answers on forums and start allowing yourself to grieve and you never replied again. You did also tell me that you was rubbish at remembering your login and may never return :D

I just wanted to say that it has been really nice seeing your show do so well on QVC, checking out your book on Amazon (Get you!!) and just reading how you have such a positive outlook on life. I visit a lot of forums and the people I meet are always discussing what an inspiration you are to them and I agree.. you are a big inspiration to all of us.

Have a sunny day :D
Mel xx
P.S Static shocks really hurt that's MEAN but sooo funny!!

P.P.S OMG that christmas book is totally beautiful.

Helena said...


Just spotted your photo of Teela- LOL!!! That's a great shot!

Anonymous said...

what on earth is twittering I've only just got a blog

Fabrizio said...

Hi Leonie, so now you're twittering there's no stopping you girl ! LOL

Are you going to be there this Friday at Olympia ? I'm trying again to come and see Dawn as I chickened out last year. It would be great if I could meet you too !

Never change Leonie you're a bright ray of sunlight ! X Fab