Monday, 26 January 2009

Catch up

Ooooh, I've been a stranger on here for ages! I'm afraid Christmas took the wind out of my sails as far as inspiration for doing anything has been concerned, but I'm getting myself back and starting the big and scary catch up. It's the backlog that makes it harder to face things isn't it. However, once I've got cracking I'm sure it will get easier - especially after I've been able to tick something off my to-do list! Then add another 10 things to it.

Well, where do I start. I think wishing everyone a very belated Happy Christmas and Merry New Year would be the perfect place. Thank you to everyone who was so kind to send me a card, I received so many beautiful hand-made cards it was lovely. Thank you.

Before crimbo of course was our fab holiday to Wales. We got there in the dark, middle of no where, and obviously convinced the sat-nav was lying (who actually trusts those things!). The cottage was so cute, but hell was it cold! The burnt embers of a once toasty fire teased us in the grate - other than that the heating was left in the hands of wall heaters, and they weren't up to the job! We did however, have an elecy blanket - nice one!

Once we had the fire roaring, the cottage heated up a treat. The views were stunning. The dogs loved the open fire, the walks, and the garden. It was fantastic. Perfect weather as well, cold enough to get wrapped up and do some good long walks, but only one rainy day, the rest were clear and crisp. Fab. Definitely recommended. The cottage is called Watch Cottage and is rented through Quality Cottages.

One of the deserted beaches.

A view from a window (well, out the front door actually, pretty damn nice though eh!)

A roaring fire, two cosey happy dogs. Awww.

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