Tuesday, 27 January 2009

ATC Club Members - change of addresses

Hi folks. QVC was good today, lots of bargins to be had! I've now whipped of the heels (no-one see's them, why do I bother!! And my feet were made for "proper shoes"), and am settled in my jammies - ah the glam of telly!

For those of you in my ATC club I need to let you know about the change of address to send your trades to. I'm sure most of you will know Dawn and the Topaz team have now moved into the design studio, so post should now be redirected there:

Dawn Bibby Design Studio & Store
Market Street Works, Market Street, Church, Accrington.

Alternatively, when I was raising the charity money I did set up a PO Box so you can now also send your ATC post there (please only use this for ATC things, not orders or anything for Topaz). This address is:

L Pujol
P O Box 1027

Seems abit silly having it there all empty and sad. Lets fill it with lovely letters. The benefit of this will be I can collect the letters a little quicker, and it helps the girls up North who have to sort through all the mail to make sure there arn't any customer orders or letters to Topaz.

Well, I'm off to do some ATC's this evening......hooray.


jane said...

had a day off so got to watch the show - great as always with lots of bargains and good ideas

sharon said...

Hi Leonie - glad you've had a fab holiday. What a lovely picture of you you've posted at the top. Glad you're back in blogland - have missed reading what you are up to!

Hazel (Didos) said...

Hi Leonie, love the picture at the top of the blog. Gosh you have been so busy. Think you need another holiday.
You made me laugh on Tues with your Ha ha got my sister on the telly!!! You and Anthony make a great crafty team!!
How would I go about joining your ATC Club?
Hazel xox

Joanne said...

Hi there, brill idea to use your PO Box address. Makes sending 'stuff' to you much easier. Enjoyed Tuesday very much. Thanks for your kind words.
Luv Joanne xxxxxxxx

Leonie said...

Hi Ladies,

I'm glad to be back in blog land, just need abit more time to go nosing at everyones blog and see what I've been missing.

Hazel, if you would like to join the club please just click on the ATC club link on my blog and it should take you to the right bit. Any problems please let me know

a message from gillyflower said...

saw the show spent some money again!!!!!
i have just done some altering come book making for a friends daughter who is leaving school would love your opinion on it if you ever have time to drop by
had great fun making it
great to see you back

Terrie B x said...

Hello Oh Lovely one...
Hope you and yours are well..Look forward to craft Day..
Lots of lubbs:)~X~

jordiegirl said...

Hi Leonie

Always great to see you on QVC, have watched some of Craft Day today but have to watch the stuff I have recorded while I have been out today. Bought the TSV, couldn't resist! Carry on the good work.

Had no idea you live in Canterbury, had assumed you lived up near Dawn's shop.

Best wishes
Yvonne xx

Terrie B x said...

Hiya gorgeous one..
Great craft Day...:)Thats what I like jammies on!!!
Hope you had fun ATC`ING...Leonie
sounds like a dance to me ...that one ...mmm...lol...
Have a lovely Weekend:)~X~

sharon said...

Really enjoyed craft day. Hope you have managed to get through the last few weeks. Been thinking of you. xx