Friday, 15 August 2008

Trying to find the horses..........

My friend Karen and her little boy Ethan came to visit me on Thursday. We set off on our walk with our dogs, the sun shining down on us, a perfect summers day. We were looking for horses, and the swing park, as well as stopping for a while whilst the dogs had a dip in the river. I took a photo of Ethan who was intent on collecting grass for the horses, I loved the determination on his face.

Unfortunately the horses were at the other end of the field, we got caught in a very heavy shower and got drenched, plus we managed to loose all three dog leads!!

Next time we are just going to hit the cake shop, much more reliable than trying to get a little exercise and fresh air!


sandy said...

It seems so strange that the lady off the tele walks the same places as me ! glad you are enjoying Canterbury .

Shelly said...

Horses can be like that Leonie! Maybe if you took them a cake from the cake shop they might have been more interested?! My horses like chocolate, Cream Eggs are their fav!

Leonie said...

Hi Sandy and Shelly,

I'm so glad we found Canterbury, and had the chance to move here, it's lovely isn't it Sandy. Do you have dogs, any recommendations?

Haha, I'll try that Shelly, not sure if cake would last the walk to the field though!