Friday, 29 August 2008

Punchin good fun

The cards I've been working on today seemed to take me ages - never presume just because I do this all the time I can produce cards in a flash, sometimes finding the right card, trying the new kit, and then falling out with the card you have just made can be very time consuming. With this kit you have to punch out 6 images, which fold and are attached together to create flowers. Obviously you can have flowers with less petals, which are quicker to make!! They look good on two toned card, or double sided paper. I liked them using bazzil card and sanding the edges.

For this card I used a lolly-pop stick (got quite a stock pile now from all the rub-on kits) which I colour tinted using an ink pad. I attached my flower to the stick, then sliced a hole in the centre of the flower pot shaped card to pop the stick through. I then attached the stick to the from panel of the card, using stong clear drying glue. The card will stand up!!

I loved the colours of this one, so much I used the same card for my fab friday challange

Using a double sided bazzil card gives a lovely when you sand the edges of your petals. Sand them before you put the flower together.


craftytrog said...

Love the colours you've used on these beautiful cards Leonie! xx

Nikki said...

These are gorgeous Leonie!