Sunday, 22 June 2008

Sunny days

I was going to pop on a few more photo's from Saturdays show, and also some tips on using the fabulous Angelina fibres - but the sun is shining and the boys are playing cricket, so me and Kathryn are taking our bottle of wine and pretending the watch them!! It's a fine excuse to grab a nice break, gossip and sun. I will definately post the photo's of the cards tomorrow (there will be no excuses then I promise).


BlondeWitchCreations-Carley said...

great day Lottie had so much fun .hows your scab????

Leonie said...

haha, I had a brilliant time. My toe's still abit gunky, but my elbow is just a scrape - how do kids hang onto those roundabout things (probably don't drink wine!!). Did you catch the sun?xxx

a message from gillyflower said...

thanks for popping over to my blog hope you have chance to do the dusty stamp challenge too
if you do let me know and i'll pop over and have a nosey