Saturday, 19 April 2008

Update on Flickr

Hi folks, just a quick message to let you know I've popped a few club member ATC's on the Flickr page. I've managed to download a "thing" which allows me to crop and play with my photo's. Okay, everything else on the computer now seems to have slowed down, but the download programme thing was free!! Thought I'd get some photo's on here quickly before I break my computer again.

Whilst on the subject of computers whats the general opinion on Digital Scrapbooking? I just don't really get it. Where's the paper? Where's the embellishments and fibres to play with? I suppose it's not as messy, and the pages look good, but I just feel its cheating in a way. Maybe I need to have a go, and see how easy/difficult it really is. I mean, we can all cut and paste, but where's the creativity in that!! I'm here to be told otherwise, so if anyone more knowlegdeable than me in this subject would like to put me right then I'd love your comments. Might even run a pole (I like the poles).

Don't forget the Fab Friday challenge. I love Carolyn's, the mint with the hole!! Great idea.


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