Monday, 7 April 2008

Snow and QVC

Well how cool (literally) was yesterday. We had snow. It looked beautiful, and the dogs loved it. Took them out in the morning when it was lovely and fresh. There was people making snowmen, sledging and generally having fun. Obviously forgot my camera until the afternoon walk, when it was already melting away. We still managed to have a good time - I've captured the dogs in mid-flight trying to catch the snow I was kicking up for them.

Hope some of you will tune in this evening, I am on QVC at 9pm. It's a sale hour so there should be plenty of bargins - love a bargin.

Remember to join in on the Friday challenge, plenty of time to recycle those choccy bar wrappers.


Emma said...

Hi Leonie,
it's Emma, don't know if you remember me from the QVC event last year! Hope you're keeping well and congratulations on your well deserved Pico award!
Anyway Leonie, it was lovely to see you on QVC this evening and if you should be doing any workshops near London, i'd love to attend if i'm around at the time.
Take care

Sally said...

Hi Leonie, watched you last night on QVC, you were great and I loved what you were wearing, very stylish! Working on my ATC at the moment, tricky one this :)

Leonie said...

Hi Emma, lovely to hear from you. I'm definately going to do some workshops. I've found a venue in Greenwich, so now I just need to arrange dates (waiting on QVC, cos I know if I book loads of workshops the dates will all clash!!). I'll be popping a posting on here as soon as I've planned my workshops for up North and down South. It'd be lovely to see you again.

And thank you Sally, it was a bargin from Dorothy Perkins!! Whoopee. Shouldn't have washed my hair though, my slide slid. At one point Anne had to resuce it as it was perched on my shoulder. Oh hum....

sharon said...

Great shows this week! I treated myself to a few goodies today! How can we survive until next Tuesday!?
Love Sharon