Friday, 25 April 2008

Fab Friday 6 ?? (ish)

Phew, running abit late today (later than anticipated - had alot of trouble loading the photo's)!! I've been working, waiting for a parcel (which I missed - had to nip to the bank and that's when he came. I'd been in all day waiting, until 3 in the afternoon, grrrrrr. They wait round the corner for you to leave don't they.......grumble grumble). I've managed to print more Welcome pack leaflets (my chap who was doing my printing isn't, so it's back to my trusty printer - so I apologise now if they arn't quite as professional as I would like). Erm, even hung out some washing. Starving, so I'll stop the waffle and get this posted.

This week the challenge is

A little bit of Glitter

The two cards I have done this week are using glitter where I generally wouldn't. I'm working on a QVC kit, so have lots of big bottles of glitter glue, so had a play. The first card was made using paper ribbon, which I layered on using the glitter glue. I used two different colours, and made sure some of the fibres were left unglittered. Using light paper allows you to see the glitter underneath, so adds depth to the card. I then stamped on two pieces of the ribbon, and attached these to the card again using the glitter glue. I managed to find a clear sticker, with the definition of sparkle, then added two floral paper embellishments using silicone. I used ink to edge the card and create a frame. Oops, also twisted some of the ribbon and added this to the card which again adds dimension.

The second card was made using scraps from a newspaper. I picked out words to form a sentence, and used Gesso to cover the rest. Using acrylic paints I added colour and shade, and a few doodles. A paper wave was added to the bottom of the card, then of course a touch of glitter.

As usual I really look forward to seeing your creations, you can use loose glitter, or glitter glue. You can plum for a little, or a lot. This gives you the option to do something pretty, or something a little different.

Get glittery!!


Carolyn said...

Hi Leonie

Excellent examples, really inspiring. The use of newspaper is so cool and works so well.

Here's my effort

daisy said...

Clever idea just to leave the words/letters you want to show through from the newspaper background. Lovely fish too.

caroline said...

only just discovered your blog/challenge but your book is infront of me right inspirational x

missy k said...

Hi Leonie

Love your atc's. Especially the fish one.

I really like taking part in the challenges and the whole blog thing - it really does give me lots of inspiration.

I ordered three books last week (one of them is yours) so hopefully more ideas will be delivered to me this week...

Have a good week

K x

caroline said...

have made mine,as in the days of blue peter it was a part of 'something i made earlier' i hope its ok,(ive an allergy to some glittery products)and im challenging myself as to how many 'challenges' i can use one main item was a tag,then cards,now an atc....think that now just leaves moos' or inchies!!!

daisy said...

Here is my ATC for the Glitter challenge.
A Touch of Glitter

made by fifi said...

fab challenge leonie - could have been made for me! mine is now on my blog :o)

sharon said...

I'm a bit late this week!
Love Sharon