Thursday, 31 May 2007

Artist Trading Cards (the club)

I thought I would create this blog as a way of showing a selection of the fantastic ATC's I receive to trade through my ATC club. For those of you who may be new to ATC's (Artist Trading Cards), they are small cards measuring 2.5" x 3.5" which you create then trade with fellow ATCers. This is a way of sharing ideas and gaining inspiration, as well as making new friends. The best way to trade is face to face, but as this can sometimes be a little tricky, I set up a club whereby people send me their cards and I trade for them. I try to guarantee they always trade with someone different, and there is no limit to the amount of cards you wish to trade.

With this blog I will be showing a selection of my favourite cards. I will also be keeping everyone up-to-date with workshops which I am organising and theme's that are currently in place. This is not a replacement for the Newsletter, which I will still be publishing for my members.

I love ATC's, and running the club is great as I see so many fantastic works of art - I only wish I had more time to devote to my club. If you are not yet a member but would like to join I do charge a small fee of £5 to go towards the cost of running the club. Please send your cheque made payable to Leonie Pujol to:

Leonie Pujol
P O Box 1027

This address is close to me so therefore I'll get the post a little quicker, but please only send mail to me to this address. If you wish to send ATC's and things for Topaz please use the following address:

Dawn Bibby Design Studio & Store
Market Street Works, Market Street, Church, Accrington.

All new members will receive a Welcome pack, with a selection of goodies. Please do bear with me, as I run the club in my spare time, and sometimes I don't have as much of that as I would like! Generally Welcome Packs take me approx 4-6 weeks to send out.

Please feel free to email me if you have any queries:


veronica said...

Thank-you for your email Will make ad send you some more atc soon. ronnie ps I am glad you like London even thou I now live in essex

Sandy Andrews said...

Leonie... so pleased you are going to display the club ATCs. Am I missing something ... are there none on the site yet ? ... I cicked away at everything to no avail but I am not a whizz on the computer so I could have missed the link !!!
I will send some more ATCs soon .. the latest swaps you sent me were really great
love Sandy A xxx

Leonie said...

Hi Sandy,
I have yet to put some ATC's on the system. I'm rubbish with computers so it should be fun!! Hopefully I'll crack it this week and get some cards displayed (fingers crossed).
I'm glad you liked your trades.

wigglesbears & Cards said...

Great to see you have a blog and cant wait to see some pics of the ATC's you have been sent, l am memebr 11 of your little club!!! l will be renewing my memebrship with you. l love doing ATCs and have swapped over 1500 now....cant believe that l have made that many, they are so addictive!!
love wigglesxx

Tracy (Cardmaker85) said...

Hiya Ickle Leonie this blog thing is good I to will look forward to see some of the ATC when you have found out how to put them on, and thanks for the little card and yes I bet you was tired after do the show on Tuesday,I will get some ATC done and will bring them with me when I get the chance to meet you again, as I will be at the QVC Event in london in July with Sue and we are so looking forward to it so hope you will bring some swaps with you on the day, and I think my mebership is due then I think so will give you that at the same time. Now I am looking forward to see you in your own show on friday 22 June with my cupper tea in hand and my QVC card in the other hehehhehehehh Good Luck for your own show althoe you will not need it as you make me and lots of other' smile your like a Ickle ray of sunshine when your on the TV. Big Hugs Tracy

Emma said...

Hi Leonie
What a great idea for you to do a blog. I'm a HUGE fan of you, Dawn and like yourself Tim Holtz, so stick with the blog updates and good luck with your new show on QVC.
x Emma

twig47 said...
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dublinlady said...

Great Blog and keep up the good work hun. It will be great to see some picures of ATC's up when you manage to work it out.

Am sending you some atc today so hope you like them.
Happy crafting
Trisha x

Leonie said...

Thank you for all your comments. Took me ages to get the first few pictures on, but should be easier next time. I'm all set for tomorrow, just need to find something to wear. Its nice to know you are watching. Keep up the great work with the trades, I've got loads of ideas so just hope I find time to get everything done!!
Maureen, I'm sorry I've removed your message. I wanted to email you but couldn't work out how to find your email address. Please email me so I can get back to you.
Thank you,
Leonie xxxxxx

Debsg said...

Not ATC related, but just wanted to say I hope you are ok as I know you were supposed to demo at Topaz today. It wasn't the same without you! xx

Leonie said...

Hi Debs,
I really missed going to Topaz, it felt weird not being there, like I was really missing out, but the QVC customer event really took its toll and made me a little emotional so I thought it best to get stronger again before another big event. It was such a shame, but I feel alot better now, thank you very much for asking,
hope to see you soon,

julia said...

hi leonie,i have now got on to your blog,and i have just sent my second lots of atc,i enjoyed making them thanks for every thing,have a lovley holiday and plenty of rest love julia xx

hazel said...

Hi Leonie. Just come on your blog and was surprised to see one of my ATCs "Toast of the Town". I'm glad that you liked it. I enjoyed QVCs craft day last week, spent lots of pennies. Have a lovely holiday and get lots of rest. xxx Hazel

Anne Jannette said...

HI Leonie
I've enjoyed your Blog I will be joining the ATC club
keep up the good work,

EUNICE said...

sent payment to join ATC club, looking forward to the swapping once I get all the info.
Have seen some of the other member's cards and am eager to join in the fun. Thanks for all the great tips.

Carolyn said...

Hi Leonie

Just checking that these details are stil correct as I would like to join the ATC club.


Jules said...

I'd love to join the ATC Club. Is it still open to members?